Thursday, 5 January 2012

Christmas holidays

Hi everyone,

Sorry it has been so long but I have been in post Christmas relax mode. Christmas day was a great day with Rebecca and her family with us for the day and our other children and their families splitting the day between us and the inlaws.

Rebecca's little girls looked very cute with their Christmas hats on (a tradition at our house, if you want to eat you wear a hat!!)

Boxing day off to Myers eastland at 7 am for opening, just a little shopping and then meeting friends for breakfast at 8 am then back home pack the car and off to Rosebud for about a week.

It was so nice to be at the beach, time to relax and enjoy time with six grand daughters and their parents.

We were on the beach early 8.30am the girls loved the sand, sorry I didn't take the camera to the beach then we would head back to the house for some morning tea and most of the children would have a sleep. Then up for lunch and a play at the house, somedays play dough

Some days water play

Some days painting

Rebecca made the art smocks for the girls out of some of the heavy weight Kokka fabrics which are in the shop, don't they look great.

Some days it was back to the beach again late in the day.

Then it was dinner time and a walk to the park and one night we went to the carnival and met our other two grandchildren.

Every meal was eaten outside.

This is why I love this time of the year!

I have been back at the shop this week and it is nice to be surrounded by fabric again.
Happy stitching
Gail B
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