Monday, 12 March 2012

Long drive home

Hi All,

Sydney show is over and we now have the long drive home. It was great to be back at a show, and seeing our regulars from Sydney out and about. After a slow start on Thursday, due to the weather 4 - 6 inches of rain the sun came out on Friday and so did the visitors. We packed up the stand last night and drove about two hours to Goulburn.

We had a bit of a sleep in this morning and didn't hit the road until 6.30. The sky is a bit grey but the road is dry as we make our way back to Melbourne. The country side looks green and the dams are all full.

We have just had some breakfast at Gundagai and are back on the highway. We have just crossed the Murrumbidgee River and it is full but within it's banks.

There is still evidence of the recent flooding.

I am really eager to get back to the shop tomorrow and start unpacking the new fabrics which should arrive throughout the day.

Happy stitching
Gail B

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  1. Hi Gail, I've just found your blog. It's wonderful to see photos of the sweet triplets and I adore seeing the new fabrics.