Friday, 3 February 2012

Confession time

It is time to confess! Russell and I have been away for three weeks holiday, so my
thanks to Rebecca for continuing the blog in my absence. We sailed from Sydney on a twelve night cruise disembarking in Auckland and then spent eight nights on the north island of New Zealand. It was a very much needed break to rest and recharge. While on the cruise there was a stitch and chat session on each sea day and it was great meeting the ladies from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA.

Cruising Milford Sound was stunning

Having time to sit in a great location and do nothing was a luxury.

As wonderful as the holiday was it was great to be back home and within five hours of the plane landing I was back in the shop, I couldn't help my self.

Lots of new arrivals are in

A little bit of France oui oui

Michael Miller's indigoes red including "The British are Coming"

Lots of other new fabrics which I will show you soon.

It's nice to be home.
Gail B

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